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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.15.03]
Manufactured by: InnoVision
Est. Street Price: ~$187-190

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

By now you should know about what has to be the best free game ever released. Originally designed as an expansion for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory still holds top spot here at HCW as the most popular multiplayer game. Have a look at this thread if you'd like to take us on :)

The timedemo we use here is one that I recorded myself, following players in a medium scale battle, with a ton of explosions and smoke. It is in the 'satellite' level, which has a lot of grassy terrain that will significantly stress our video cards.

The 5700 Ultra simply walks away with this one, leaving the 9600XT begging for its mamma... I am surprized at the low performance of the XT, to be quite honest with you. It looks low, but I confirmed and re-confirmed the results, and that's how they are!

The margin isn't quite as wide in 1600x1200, which says something about the 5700 Ultra's OpenGL performance (and it isn't a good something either).

But things open up again with high end filtering enabled. The 9600XT simply can't cope with this game (or at least this level) at all.

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