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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.15.03]
Manufactured by: InnoVision
Est. Street Price: ~$187-190

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Once again we were just a bit late with this review... Granted, the 5700 Ultra is just starting to show up from all the 3rd tier manufacturers, and we just receiving this card in the middle of last week. If this review was written a week or so ago, before I had a lot of knowlege on the upcoming 5900XT, it would surely have gotten an award. (provided that the 53.03 drivers had been available at the time, giving it this awesome performance - I have had a look at some other reviews of this card with pre 53.03 drivers, and it didn't perform as well as it did for us this time around).

But with the 5900XT coming later today, for almost the exact same price (expect the MSRP to be just around $200-220, while the 5700 Ultra goes for around $185-190 right now), I cannot recommend that you go drop $200 on this card. It looks like the 5900XT will be the one to recommend at that price point.


The release of the 5900XT has to put the 5700 Ultra at a lower price point - it HAS to. NVIDIA is claiming that it won't - they want the 5700 Ultra to retail at around $20 less than the 5900XT. In my opinion, the logical step down from $185 is the $150 price point, currently held by the 5600 Ultra. I would expect the 5700 Ultra to replace that card at that price point, and if it does, then it is an absolute bargain. We saw how well it handled the 9600XT, and at $150 it wouldn't even have to worry about the XT, it would be dealing with the 9600 Pro, which is significantly slower than the XT!


I am holding off from recommending the 5700 Ultra at this point; NVIDIA is simply shooting it down themselves. But as soon as it hits a decent price point - I'd say anything under $150 - then by all means go for it!

So for now, it looks like NVIDIA is going to dominate the upper mid-range, and mid-range segments, because of their strong work on the drivers!

I am giving it a score of 90% right now, but consider that if it drops down to $150 or so, I'd give it a 94% at least. No award this time around - maybe last week it would have gotten one!

  • Awesome performance in its price point *yesterday*
  • Better performance than anything ATI has to offer in this price range
  • Still room for improvement performance wise as Nvidia optimizes and tweaks

  • Pretty much killed by the 5900XT at the same price point right now
  • No good full games included (Commandos 3)
  • Generic looks

Final Score: 80%