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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [11.28.03]

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Do you uGuru?

No, I had no idea what it meant either. Apparently, Abit has created a whole new way for us to overclock, monitor our CPU and motherboard and put it all in a user friendly package. What's more is that this whole program has absolutely no effect on performance when running. Try saying that about Motherboard Monitor.

Also, gone are the days when overclocking meant you had to reboot your system. After simply moving a slider to the speed of your choosing, the adjustment occurs immediately. In the event that you've gone too far...and we all have...your system will reboot automatically.

A flashy small formfactor box with a large LCD readout was also shown as well as this strange, but cool airplane computer mod.

They also had what was apparently the world's fastest PC.  I can't confirm or deny this claim but 4GHz is still damned fast.

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