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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [11.12.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Abit
Price: ~$90

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The Overclocking

Abit boards have historically been known as very good overclockers. The Abit NF7 nForce2 offering is known as one of the best overclockers on the AMD platform side of things, and the IS7 looks poised to be one of the best on the Intel platform side.  With tons of BIOS tweaking options available and a nice submenu dedicated strictly to overclocking features is was quite easy to get the 800mhz P4 3.0 running smoothly at 1000mhz FSB with only a Vantec Aeroflow and stock motherboard cooling. 

Unfortunately without better cooling I hesitate to push it much further. (Hey it's my first P4 system, be kind!) However, I have word from Swiftech that a new water cooling system is on its way and I can assure you that once it arrives I will push both of these bad boys to their limits.

All in all the IS7 is a very solid motherboard. With the multitude on onboard features offered, a competitive price, as well as the ease of overclocking, I can very highly recommend this motherboard for your next Intel computer purchase. 

From our tests we were unable to see any noticeable performance gains outside the synthetic environment from the PAT'like BIOS Optimizations. This is not to say that it won't render performance increases in any real world environment but it is stunningly similar to what our editor encountered in his P4 platform overview. It's nice of Abit to include this tweaking option, but in the end all it does is make your buddy feel silly for shelling out for an I875P based motherboard. If you absolutely must have the fastest of the fast and money is no object, then check out Abit's IC7 series of motherboards.

  • BIOS SoftMenu
  • Full Featured Backplate
  • Rotated IDE slots!
  • Competitive Price
  • *cough* PAT *cough*

  • AGP slot blocks single DIMM Slot
  • PAT really isn't that big of a deal
  • Pretty but not practical NB cooler

Final Score: 90%