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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [11.12.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Abit
Price: ~$90

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Synthetic benchmarks are all well and good.  We all know how gaining those extra 300 3dmarks makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. However in order to see how things will fare in the real world, let's check out a couple real world gaming benchmarks.

For our Unreal Tournament benchmark we've used the nice little set that is provided kindly by the folks over at [H]ardOCP. The default High Quality settings were used at 1024x768x32 resolution, in Direct3D mode.

As usual, we complete all 3 demo benchmarks, and give an average framerate across all 3 tests.

It would appear that the memory tweaks have absolutely no effect on performance in this real world gaming benchmark.

Finally we'll finish things off with a quick run of Massive Development's Aquamark benchmark test run with default settings. This is NOT the new version 3 simply because my video card is still dx 8.1 and it would make no sense to run another benchmark that would only max out my video card.

Once again, it seems that these optimizations have no effect on gaming outside of the synthetic world. This is quite unfortunate, but then again, for something that's included as an extra we can't really complain.

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