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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [11.12.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Abit
Price: ~$90

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The very first menu option listed in the IS7 BIOS is the Soft Menu Setup.

This dandy little submenu contains all of the tweaking settings you'll need to easily overlcock your Intel processor. I think it was quite thoughtful of Abit to place it all right there in the beginning like that. As you change settings, the estimated new CPU clock value will update as well so you know exactly what speed you will be theoretically running at once you reboot. Great for those of you bad at simple math.

The advanced chipset features submenu is where we find out PAT'like optimization settings located. You are also given options to change some nitty-gritty low-level RAM settings here. If you're not aware of what exactly each setting does, just leave everything on auto and stick with changing the Game Accelerator setting.

Finally the IS7 also contains a PC Health submenu. Here you will find fan RPM values, current temperature vales as well as maximum values before warning or shutdown. There are also values located here for each of your PSU voltage rails which is nice.

Excellent, now that everyone has skim read through the preliminaries, let's get on to some performance testing!

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