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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.05.03]
Manufactured by: InnoVision

Est. Street Price: ~$255

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Splinter Cell

It's nice to have a DirectX 8 game that can still stress the hell out of today's video cards. The problem that Splinter Cell presents is that it was designed to run on the NVIDIA powered XBOX. Sure enough, the PC port enables an enhanced dynamic lighting system. When benchmarking Splinter Cell to compare NVIDIA and ATI hardware, be sure to force the Shadow Projector lighting system to ensure an level playing field.

Just like the UT2K3 tests, I am going to give an average of all 3 levels used in the default benchmark, to give an idea of overall performance in the game. In the case of filtering tests, only the 1_1_2Tbilisi timedemo was used (it is the most stressful). Ultra high settings were used - we're going to try to finish these cards off once and for all!

At 1024, things are exactly as they should be. The 5900 is finishing strong! Let's push the res up:

And things hold up just fine in 1600x1200

For some reason the 5900 pulls way ahead of the 9800's with filtering enabled. Because of previous scores and performance specs, I think we have to assume that something went wrong with the filtering in the NVIDIA drivers (again we retested, but everything checked out).

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