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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.05.03]
Manufactured by: InnoVision

Est. Street Price: ~$255

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Currently the most popular game among our readers, WolfET is a somewhat advanced Quake3 Engine based 'expansion pack' (it's actually stand alone - you don't even need to own Return to Castle Wolfenstein). Check out this forum thread if you dare to challenge us! All tests were done using "High Quality" mode. I recorded a demo following several players in a medium sized battle in the Satelite map. The demo has a lot of explosions and smoke, and is quite stressful with the grassy terrain.

At 1024, none of the cards have a problem handling Wolf ET. Unfortunately the 5900 is still way behind the 9800's it should be even with, and barely keeps up with the 9700 Pro it has a $100 premium on.

Increasing the resolution really stresses all the cards, and the extra 256MB on the Pro 256 really shines through here. Once again though, the 5900 is over 5 fps behind the 9700 Pro.

Things are even worse in full filtering mode, which pulls the 9700 Pro down to the 5900's level. That should not be the case however; both 9800's are way up there.

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