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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.05.03]
Manufactured by: InnoVision

Est. Street Price: ~$255

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3dMark 03

Yes, we're using it. Ignore it if you want. NVIDIA is now a part of the beta program, so they should have absolutely no problems with these numbers. Many will question whether the numbers are invalid due to driver cheating... Well you can question every other benchmark if you want! I find 3dMark 03 to be quite useful (as long as you pay attention to the numbers themselves, and not the final score alone) as a means of reproducing 'paper spec' environments, and determining strengths and weaknesses of the cards themselves, which should show up across the board in real games.

We'll start with the 'game tests'

The 5900 holds up quite well here, meeting or beating both 9800's in all tests aside from the Game 1 test (the one that NVIDIA really had a problem with when 3dMark 03 first came out).

As you saw on the spec chart on the previous page, the 5900 should hold an advantage in multitexturing performance due to its huge amount of peak memory bandwidth, and fall back a bit in single texturing, since the Radeons have 8 pixel pipelines compared to the 5900's 4. Let's find out if 3dMark 03 agrees!

Bingo! And to finish off with the final 3dMark 03 score, if you care about it.

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