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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.02.03]
Manufactured by: PowerColor 

Est. Street Price: ~$450

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Aquamark 2.3

Let's go back in time a bit, with AquaMark 2.3. This is a DirectX 8 era benchmark that used to instill fear upon the minds of video cards. That was 12 months ago, let's see what happens now:

Here we see a perfect ramp of scores, seemingly in relation to fill rate performance (or drivers?) of the cards. Let's see what happens at 1600x1200:

Yeow! The 5900 pulls way ahead here! I have no idea why, sorry... Let's see if the filtering results are more consistent:

And they are not! It looks like the first 1024 score was a little out of whack. Nonetheless, the 5900 keeps up with the 9800's just as it should.

And even with the filtering cranked to the max, the Pro 256 is still hanging with his little brother.

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