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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.02.03]
Manufactured by: PowerColor 

Est. Street Price: ~$450

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Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo

For the sake of simplicity, I combined the results of all three timedemos in the UT2K3 demo, and combined them into a single average score. This should give a good idea of 'overall' performance in the game itself.

HardOCP's UT2K3 benchmark tool was used. We used "High Quality" mode for all tests.

Wow, we've surpassed the 200 FPS milestone in 1024x768! The 9700 Pro lags behind a little, but not much... Time to crank up the res a bit:

We're still above 100 FPS with the resolution at 1600x1200. High res gamers rejoice! The Pro 256 is limited even at this level. Well we saw the video cards fall down at about this point with the last test, so let's see how they do with filtering enabled:

Things look just like the high res test. It's good to see the 5900 finally able to keep up with its competition here...

I think we can conclude that the Radeon 9800's pretty much own UT2K3. If you can handle a higher res, I suggest cranking filtering to the max and playing that way. Have fun!

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