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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.02.03]
Manufactured by: PowerColor 

Est. Street Price: ~$450

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Currently the most popular game among our readers, WolfET is a somewhat advanced Quake3 Engine based game. Check out this forum thread if you dare to challenge us! All tests were done using "High Quality" mode. I recorded a demo following several players in a medium sized battle in the Satelite map. The demo has a lot of explosions and smoke, and is quite stressful with the grassy terrain.

With no advanced filtering at 1024x768, all the cards whip Wolf: ET into submission. The 5900 positions itself against the 9700 Pro, which is not good. Time to crank the res:

The Pro 256 is finally able to show off its advantage, coming up with the only score that is playable in my opinion. If lower res/higher quality is your think, check out the filtering test results:

It looked like all the cards would be able to manhandle this benchmark, but as you can see neither ATI nor NVIDIA cards excel in advanced texturing in OpenGL games. At this rate, the game is slightly below playable (I prefer to have an average of 60 FPS to make sure things don't get too rough in low performance troughs). I'm almost scared to crank the filtering to maximum level on the ATI cards....

And there you have it; sub 40FPS performance in 1024x768 with the filtering levels maxed. I wouldn't suggest playing the game at this rate. It's interesting to see that the Pro 256 is held back even double the amount of RAM, running at a higher rate...

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