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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [09.15.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: SilverStoneTek

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However, it does have one glaring flaw in terms of looks. This UGLY, generic label takes up most of the real estate on the left side of the unit, the side that we would see through the window. This is an injustice to say the least, especially since it voids the warranty if you remove this disgusting label. I mean, why, oh why would you ever even consider ruining the look of such a beautiful piece of engineering with something like this?  This is like when a  beautiful woman in a movie has makeup on to look Salma Hayek in that movie where she sports a Bert style unibrow. I mean...WHY!?

Of course, since we received this product prior to public release, it's entirely possible that this ugly label will not appear on the final production models.

Looks aside for a second, let's take a look at the feature set of the SST-ST360. In addition to
5 Molex connectors, there are 2 floppy drive connectors and a RPM monitor cable for the 120mm
fan.  You'll also notice the square jack for most Pentium 4 motherboards in the mess as well.

What really makes this PSU stand out is it's native SATA support.  While most manufacturers simply throw a molex to SATA adapter in the box and slap a huge "SATA READY!!!!!" sticker on it, SilverStoneTek actually attached an honest-to-goodness SATA power connection, so I guess we can
forgive them for only having 5 molex adapters. It would have been nice to have at least two connectors as quite a few people are or will be running SATA RAID in a little while.

What I don't like, though, is how they still have two floppy power connections. It's already rare to see anyone using a floppy drive today and there damn sure isn't anyone who uses two.

It was a little strange to not see any sort of fan speed controller or a temperature sensor anywhere on the unit as just about everyone slaps one of these on no matter what. I guess that since the focus of the unit is silence, then it doesn't really matter. No one should rely on their power supply to cool their rig anyways.


As I do not have a sound meter, I'll just have to describe it to you to the best of my abilities. I've been running a near silent PC for almost a year now so any ridiculous noise would be cause for complaints.

In order to make sure I was hearing nothing but the PSU unit, I turned the fan on without turning on the rest of my system. You can figure out how with a simple search. While not  completely silent, the SST-ST360 is definetly VERY quiet and would be undoubtedly drowned out by even the most quiet of fans and hard drives.

After running the PSU in one of my rigs for the past few weeks, I've noticed no crashes or other problems due to power fluctuations. However, at 360 watts, you would probably be pushing its limits if you were doing some serious overclocking. A 400 watt unit is available as well and I'm hoping a 500 watt is in the making.

If it weren't for the ugly label, the SST-ST360 would take the beauty contest in a walk.  However, like a unibrow, that's just unforgivable. Seriously, SilverStone, consider moving that label to the top of the unit where no one can see it and leave those black aluminum sides undressed.

A cooling performance test yielded nothing as there was zero difference between the SST-ST360
and a cheap generic ugly unit I found in my closet in terms of case temperature. The only difference between the two is the noise generated.  While you can almost hear the ugliness of Plain Jane, you'd barely know the Silverstone unit was there if you didn't see the honeycomb grille.

While an impressive first product from a company forged by former ATCs employees, the SST-ST360 has a few flaws that keep it from being truly great. I do see the same flare for smooth design lines and simple elegance though and I eagerly await what I assume will be some amazing looking products and hopefully, a revision of this one.

UPDATE: Silverstone has informed us that final production units have more professional looking labels on the side.

  • Sexiest...PSU...ever
  • REAL SATA support
  • Good power performance
  • Silent without compromising cooling

  • UGLY label on the side ruins everything
  • Only 5 molexes and who the heck needs two floppy drives?

Final Score: 85%