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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [09.12.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: DFI
Est. Street Price: ~$170

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The Overclocking

During overclocking testing the DFI motherboard was less than stellar in the "predictable/stable" category. Sometimes it would boot at a given setting while other times it would not, which made for a very annoying test process. The maximum stable FSB speed that we were able to achieve was a very respectable 222mhz, slightly less than the 230mhz we were able to achieve with the Epox 8rda+. This is not surprising with the low maximum CPU voltage settings on the DFI board as compared the 8rda+.

It should be noted that even after a volt mod we were unable to push the FSB to any higher levels.  When the voltage was increased to anything above 2.04V then the board wouldn't POST and instead simply make an annoying beeping sound more than likely due to built-in over voltage protection.

Remember back when picking a motherboard meant choosing between two or three different manufacturers? Lately there seems to be an ever increasing number of manufacturers each producing numerous different versions of motherboards based on numerous different chipsets. Even after deciding which chipset to go with, users still have to wade through dozens of different manufacturers. Shopping for a motherboard is now almost the same as choosing which fast food outlet to eat at; take away the marketing hype and it's basically all the exact same burger. With everyone producing almost identical products it's becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to create a product that stands out in the crowded marketplace.

With the release of the Lanparty series of motherboards, DFI has been able to most certainly do just that. By integrating a unique color scheme, a high end chipset, and one of the most complete bundles ever DFI has done an excellent job creating a feature rich board that does a very good job of appealing to its target audience. Add to that the fact that it was able to respectably achieve an overclock above 220mhz from a 133mhz processor and I can confidently recommend this board.

  • UV reactive slots and rounded cables are very sharp
  • Super Stacked Bundle!
  • Onboard Power and Reset Buttons
  • Overclocks Nicely

  • Price is higher than competition
  • Horrible CPU socket location
  • No CPU socket mounting holes

Final Score: 90%