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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [09.12.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: DFI
Est. Street Price: ~$170

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The Performance

We've stacked the GA-7NNXP up against one of the leading nForce2 motherboards on the market in the Soltek SL-75FRN-L. We've also included the new Via KT600 based GA-7VT600 along with the KT400a based Lanparty motherboard.

For testing purposes all motherboards were setup with an AIUGA Athlon XP 1700+, 2 sticks of 256MB Samsung PC2700 RAM (synched with CPU FSB and run in a Dual DDR configuration where possible), a Soltek SL-GF4TI4200 (41.09), a WD 20GB Caviar ATA100, 7200rpm, 2MB HDD, and a clean install of Windows XP SP1.  The latest NForce, detonator and Via 4 in 1 drivers were used for each respective motherboard.

Please ignore the typo in the graphs that indicates "Soyo NFII". It should actually say Soltek.

On to the benches!

We'll once again start things off with the memory benchmarks. First up as always is Sandra 2003.

The Lanparty NFII looks good performing right up there with its nForce2 competition. Aida32 memory tests are next.

Once again, not a whole lot separating the two nForce2 boards which both hold a healthy lead over their Via competitors. We'd expect the trend to continue through the gaming benchmarks, but just to be safe, let's check them out anyway. Let's start the ever-popular synthetic 3dmark series of benchmarks.

That 1337 score still makes me giggle like an English schoolgirl...

NOTE: The below graph is titled 3dMark 2003, however that is a typo. It is actually the final score for 3dMark 2001 SE (writing this paragraph takes less time than writing a new graph.. yeah I am lazy )

A small bright point for the KT600 as it beats both nForce2 mobos in both the Futuremark tests.  The DFI board keeping pace but still slightly trailing its competition.

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