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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [09.12.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: DFI
Est. Street Price: ~$170

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The Board

One the biggest selling features of the Lanparty line has always been its UV sensitive slots.  I have to hand it to DFI on this one, even without UV lighting, the green slots on a black PCB is pretty sharp. I am quite surprised that we haven't to this point seen at least one manufacturer release a board with a similar color concept.

Along with the usual fare, the backplate shows off the dual LAN setup, stacked each on top of two USB 2.0 ports.

Strangely, unlike the KT400a version of the board, the NFII version DOES NOT include mounting holes around the CPU socket.

Somewhere along the way things seem to have gotten mixed up over at DFI's labs. Including these holes, which are crucial for many high end users, on the KT400a version and not the NFII version makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

The north bridge is unfortunately passively cooled. There is, as you can see, a small amount of thermal paste underneath but it was apparently applied by someone either blind or on a caffeine high as there seems to be as much off the core as there is on.

The AGP retention mechanism is simple and nicely integrated into the color scheme. I however found it to be very stiff and thus annoying to work with. Personally I would prefer something a little easier to disengage.

As seen on some other nForce2 boards, the CPU socket it placed right on the edge of the PCB and is rotated in the absolute worst possible direction.  Although there is adequate clearance for the majority of HSF units, if you don't have a 21 inch or larger case, then chances are that you will have to remove either the motherboard or the power supply from your case in order to apply/remove the HSF.

Finally on a positive note, as with all Lanparty motherboards, there are two handy little power/reset buttons right on the PCB, which make for easy out of case testing.

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