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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [08.31.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Aspire USA

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The fan speeds are controlled via a rheobus/dual temperature display mounted in the front bezel.
Regardless of the fans' speed, the package remains relatively quiet compared to other fans out there. The temp sensor receives data from a pair of thermal probes that you can mount just about anywhere since they're quite thin. However, the display has the readouts as "CPU" and "HDD" regardless of what it is, which is a little strange but not really a problem. The LCD is lit a bright blue which matches the light from the blue fans quite nicely.

Just underneath the LCD are the front mounted USB, Firewire and audio ports, which are convienient on the outside but are annoyingly wired on the outside. I still don't quite understand why each wire has it's own individual end.  Time to dig up your motherboard documentation.

Your internals are shown off by the large side window on the left, which has one of the aforementioned fans sitting just under the door handle, keeping your fingers safe with a shiny alien fan grille.

Taking a look at the outside, you can immediately see that the case is design to resemble our
extraterrestrial invaders, although not in the blatantly obvious way that Alienware does. The case
maintains the overall Chenming exterior for the most part.

The paint job, a beautiful deep blue, is great with no visable blemishes or unevenness. It's certainly
not a Falcon Northwest or a Voodoo PC paint job but those cost $700 by themselves. Other colors
available include red, yellow and green as well as the standard black and silver (is it just me or are they the 'new beige'?). Originally, I thought the case was going to come in orange but to my despair, apparently it doesn't. Maybe if enough of us request an orange paint job?

As soon as you turn it on, the case is engulfed in a bright blue glow from the 4 LEDs in each fan. 
There's no need for cold cathodes here, people.

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