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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [08.19.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: Gigabyte
Est. Street Price: $80-95

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The first and most important thing you need to know when purchasing any new Gigabyte board is the key combination of Ctrl+F1 that unlocks extra tweaking settings within the main screen of the BIOS.



As you can see the "Top Performance" submenu is added to the main screen. This option is basically Gigabytes version of Soltek's Red Storm Overclocking tool. Clicking on the Top Performance submenu will cause the motherboard to advance the Front Side Bus to what is considered a safe level before rebooting at the new faster settings. In a nutshell, overclocking for dummies.

There are also additional memory settings enabled within the "Advanced Chipset Features" submenu.

Tweaking options even after the Ctrl-F1 key combination are quite limited compared to what we're used to seeing.

We are only offered four setting for memory speeds which make running asynched when overclocked to anything but these three speed impossible. Memory and AGP voltage adjustments are also quite limited with a maximum increase of 0.3V.

These limitations cary through to the CPU voltage control settings, which can only be increased a maximum 10% above detected stock voltage.

Now if you're a smart cookie, you'll realize that I left out the CPU Host frequency settings. There is a good reason for this and all shall be explained in the overclocking section.

On a side note, I really wish Gigabyte would drop the CTRL-F1 feature within the BIOS. I find it really annoying to have to "unlock" these features each and every time, especially considering that Mr. Joe AOL would be able to do plenty of damage using the regular "unlocked" features.

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