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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.08.03]
Manufactured by: Ahanix, Nexus, Thermaltake, Vantec

Ahanix PSU supplied by: ExoticPC
Nexus PSU supplied by:

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Thermaltake PurePower Xaser Edition 480W

This has to be one of the coolest looking PSU's I've seen... The auxilliary side vent would look absolutely bad ass behind a case window (and would match perfectly with either Thermaltake Xaser cases if you have one). The PurePower Xaser comes in black or silver.

And the rear is almost as impressive:

Some people aren't too fond of the loud orange colour of Thermaltake fans. To me, it just screams pure muscle car. Would you complain about a slick orange paint job on a '69 GTO?

Didn't think so...

The PurePower Xaser is a 2 fan model. You have full control of one of the fans (the outside one). Unlike most PSU's with manual fan control, Thermaltake allows you to install a controller on your case. Not only that, but they provide two separate controllers! You can only use one at a time, but having the option of installing a controller in a 5.25" bay if you have a free one, or in a PCI slot is awesome.

The 5.25" version of course matches the Xaser cases perfectly (hence 'Xaser Edition'). The PCI bracket also looks nice, although not too many people will ever notice.

Thermaltake doesn't stop there with the added features; there's more inside!

From the top: The 3 pin adapter connects the controlled fan to a spare 3 pin fan connection on your motherboard, allowing you to keep an eye on fan speed as you control it (it ranges from 1300 RPM to 4800 RPM).

The second wire in the picture is the proprietary fan speed controller connector Thermaltake uses. This means that your spare fan speed controller included in the Xaser package will be made useless, because it won't work with any other fans.

And at the bottom is the single SATA connector. While I appreciate the gesture, they really should have included at least 2 connectors. While SATA isn't exactly taking the world by storm, many people do use more than one drive at a time.

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