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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.08.03]
Manufactured by: Ahanix, Nexus, Thermaltake, Vantec

Ahanix PSU supplied by: ExoticPC
Nexus PSU supplied by:

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Nexus NX-3000 300W

Next up is the Nexus NX-3000. Like the Ahanix on the previous page, this is a plain looking silver power supply. However, it's what's inside that counts.

Even though optimal air flow should be the #1 concern for a single fan PSU like this, Nexus used a stamped fan grille, which definitely isn't the most efficient fan grille you can use. This should reflect on the price of the unit, however.

The stamped intake on the other side of the PSU is the widest of the four units we're looking at here. You can clearly see through the PSU itself, as both the back and bottom have huge vents for good airflow. You'll also notice that the heatsinks inside are absolutely massive, and should really help keep things cool, and eliminate the need for a high speed fan.

Of course, with silent PSU's like the Nexus NX-3000 and the Ahanix SilenX, there's just not a lot to talk about. Rather than go for extravagent features and outrageous looks, they rely on quiet performance.

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