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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.08.03]
Manufactured by: Ahanix, Nexus, Thermaltake, Vantec

Ahanix PSU supplied by: ExoticPC
Nexus PSU supplied by:

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Ahanix 400W 14dBA SilenX

To be fair, let's do this alphabetically, starting with Ahanix.

The SilenX we received is the older design, and it looks pretty plain. To be fair, we asked Ahanix to forward their new design; this is what they came up with:

It's not that easy to see here, I agree, but you can see that it is a definite improvement over the plain silver box look. While it's not as fancy as either of the 2 other Modder PSU's we're looking at today, it should be enough to put it over top of the other silent themed PSU's in terms of looks.

How does the PSU itself look?

The SilenX features a wide cutout for the fan, which is very important because it's the only fan on this unit. The fan itself is a very quiet fan - rated at just 14 dBA at normal operating temperatures. This is absolutely dead silent; at this level there is almost no possibility of you being able to hear it. Most likely your hard drive spinning at idle will drown out any sound it happens to make.

Of course, it won't always be running at that speed, because it ramps up the speed as the temperature increases.

With only a single fan to move air, ventilation is a top priority. Ahanix opted for a stamped case with the SilenX, but as you can see it is highly ventilated, and should allow plenty of flow.

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