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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [07.14.03]
Manufactured by: Ahanix

Price: $89 Shipping Inlcuded @

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For testing the capabilities of the Iceberg II, we used the very fastest stock speed CPU you can buy today. The Pentium 4 3.20 Ghz, which we looked at here.

For comparison purposes, we're putting it against the retail heatsink that came with the P4. I know what you're thinking, but believe me, the new Intel cooler is no slouch. And it's not quiet either, which is the reason you'll probably want to switch to something quieter (you can have a look at it on the front page of our 3.20 review).

Also, we threw in a high performance air cooler, the Cooler Master ICH-H71. This is a full copper heatsink with copper heatpipes, sitting below a screeching 6000 CFM 70x70x25mm fan which blows 46 CFM.

We tested idle performance, meaning Windows was left running, but nothing was being used. For CPU stress testing, Prime95 torture test was run for 2 hours, until the temperature leveled off. The case door was left closed, to replicate real life use. For the air coolers, the same 80mm fan we used on the heater core was used as an exhaust fan on the case. Other intake and exhaust fans were identical.

So there you have it; the Iceberg's load temperature was about equal to the stock coolers idle temperature. Running a 3.20 Ghz CPU at full load at only 46 degrees is definitely something worthy of note.

However you should ALSO note that while it also beats the IHC-H71, it still isn't that much better than a high end air cooler (such as the Thermalright SLK-900U we reviewed a while back). There are definitely better water coolers out there; even pre-assembled ones like this (albeit much more expensive ones, up to triple the cost of the Iceberg II)

There are a number of ways you can attain the performance of the Iceberg II with conventional air cooling:

You could go the SLK-900U route; buy a $50-55 copper heatsink, add another $5-10 for a good 90mm fan, and have good performance with tolerable noise (but not near silent).

Or you could go the standard 80mm heatsink route... Something like an Alpha or Swiftech block with a disgustingly loud 80mm fan spinning at ultra high speeds will also get you good performance. Of course, you'll also have a nice splitting headache to go with it, and again you're talking about $50 or more.

Both of the above heatsinks will be more difficult to install than the Iceberg II, as you will need to uninstall and reinstall your motherboard to facilitate the custom brackets required for their bulk.

Heatsinks similar to the Intel retail unit will not touch the Iceberg II or these coolers above. They are significantly less expensive (free), but often have the worst of both worlds; they are loud, and do not cool very well.

My money is on the Iceberg II. At only $89 SHIPPED from, you are not spending much more than these crazy loud heatsinks. The pre-assembled units are no more difficult to install than any regular clipped heatsink. In fact, it is a lot less involved than either of the two heatsinks I mentioned above! The Iceberg II is as easy to uninstall as it is to install.

The only thing I would hold against the Iceberg II is that it IS a water cooling system, and you have to deal with the inconveniences attributed to water cooling. You should keep an eye on your water level. You HAVE to make sure the pump is running before turning your PC on. If you're a frequent visitor to LAN parties, you can forget about installing water cooling on your LAN rig.

Also, I wouldn't recommend it as the BASE for a watercooling rig to be upgraded at a later time. If you were to go high end later, you would likely need to replace EVERYTHING. If you want to install a full copper CPU block or heater core, you'll need a better pump to make use of them. You'll also need new wider tubing as well. And with all that, you'll likely want a larger reservoir as well.

Overall, the best way to put it is this: If you're looking for a quiet cooling solution for your 3GHz+ CPU, the Iceberg II was put on this Earth just for you.

  • Cheapest full water cooling kit around
  • As silent as the fans you use
  • Can be tailored for your needs
  • No customization needed
  • Installs on almost any CPU like a stock cooler
  • Capable of cooling 3GHz+ CPU's at a very low noise level

  • No switch on pump
  • Small pump, small hoses, small heater core; small everything
  • Performance isn't up to standards of high end watercooling

Final Score: 90%