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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [07.14.03]
Manufactured by: Ahanix

Price: $89 Shipping Inlcuded @

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The Heater Core

Ahanix opted for an all-aluminum solution for the Iceberg cooler. At this level of performance, that is all that is called for. Going all-aluminum also eliminates the needs for additives (which can thicken the liquid, and lower performance). I'd still suggest adding some bleach to the water, to prevent nasty stuff from growing inside.

I should mention here that the Pre-Installation done by is somewhat redundant in the case of the heater core; you're going to need to detach the tubing from the core in order to route them through the back of your case once the core is installed. Thanks anyway guys! ;)

The heater core is designed to be installed onto the 80mm fan output that any decent case will have. You can install it with a single fan, or put one on both sides. We used a pair of silent fans in our testing, but you can play around with different solutions. One idea might be to use one silent fan on the inside, and a screamer with a fan controller, so you can crank it up when the tough gets going.

When installing a heater core like this, keep in mind that it works somewhat differently from exhaust fans and air-cooling. You want to be blowing air INTO the case; the air outside your case will most certainly be cooler than the air inside the case, even after it has run through the core.

The Block

Again the block is all aluminum, and can be used with either a Socket 478 or Socket A CPU (heck, you can even throw a Socket 370 at it, if you still use one of those).

Pictured above is the bracket used for installation on Socket 478 P4's. It's really quite ingenious in its design; it uses the clip from your retail Intel cooler! I hope you didn't throw it away! ;)

Installation is as easy as any standard heatsink. Maybe easier, because it doesn't carry a lot of bulk. If you have an AMD CPU, socket clips are included. It is also very well designed, and attaches perfectly, and is as easy to install as any good Socket A heatsink. It's a major plus to see all 3 tabs being used!

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