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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.01.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: DFI
Est. Street Price: $140-145

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Next on to another synthetic benchmark, Vulpine's GLMark, which puts into use all of the latest OpenGL technologies available.  Tests were run at 1024x768x32 with default settings.

A little bit close here, with the KT400a at least putting in a respectable showing, although once again found pulling up the rear.

Next we'll try some real work gaming benchmarks to see if it performs any better. For our Unreal Tournament benchmark we've used the nice little set that is provided kindly by the folks over at [H]ardOCP. The default High Quality settings were used at 1024x768x32 resolution, in Direct3D mode.

Similar trends just continue here.  I was really questioning these results and re ran the test numerous time to ensure the numbers I was getting were accurate.  Things are just getting to the point that they are almost unbelievably bad.

Finally we'll finish things off with a quick run of Massive Development's Aquamark benchmark test run with default settings.

The only reason the KT400a is keeping pace at all is because this benchmark happens to be limited by the video card's capabilities, pretty much.

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