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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.23.03]
Manufactured by: Intel

Est. Street Price: $700

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Gaming Tests

Normally with a game, you would lower the resolution as far as it will go, and turn down the details to put the video card out of the equation.

Splinter Cell is a special case where the CPU is doing a LOT of work, calculating shadows. This is especially the case when NOT using an NVIDIA video card, as they use a specific method for generating the awesome shadow effects seen in Splinter Cell (since it is ported from the XBOX). This also makes Splinter Cell pretty much useless to compare video cards from different manufacturers, but it works very well as a CPU test, as you can see here:

A moderate bump in CPU speed yields a nice increase in performance, even with the details at maximum!

Unreal Tournament 2003 is one of the prior games, where we want to lower the details as far as they will go, turning it into a nice CPU benchmark.  For this, we used the UT2K3 demo, and HardOCP's UT2K3 benchmarking utility 2.1.

The results we are seeing so far are very consistent.  Let's move along to a similarly produced gaming test, this time with 3DMark03:

Although this benchmark is geared towards the CPU, it is still somewhat limited by the video card. The overall 3dMark score barely moves at all, of course.

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