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Powder Coating Gone Very VERY Wrong

I suppose I really should have done a test coat first, but hind sight is as they say 20-20.  If you haven't already guessed, the first powder coating attempt didn't go well. After removing the front bezel from the oven I was rather enraged to discover that the POS "Body Metal", which claims it can be used under powder coating, bubbled and then proceeded to peel off.  I really freaked out as all of time I spent on smoothing the front completely went up in smoke ;). Plus, to top it all off, the powder itself F'd up during the curing process. After a little lunch I was able to calm down enough to take some shots of this disaster.


mmMMmm bubblage...

Having to redo the bezel was not appealing at all.  The good/bad thing about powder coating is that it's tough as hell.  Even the glass bead cabinet takes forever to get it off.  In the end I had to sand the bad coat smooth, then shoot more powder over it, but not before grinding all of that crappy "body metal" off.

In the first shot you can see that it looks almost contaminated, but I KNOW that I cleaned the bezel really well before coating. My hunch is that there may have been some moisture in the powder gun's air supply. I made sure to bleed the system before attempting to coat the bezel a second time.

Custom Etched Window

For the sake of my sanity I moved temporarily away from the disaster that was the front bezel and started to work on the side window.  Here you can see that I am using the cutout section of the case as a guide for my window.  That same peice of metal made for a great mixing board for the Body Metal ;).   

Once again moving into a new area for me, I decided I wanted to attempt to etch the plexi side window.  Here's my first stab at etching with the glass bead cabinet

This time I made sure to do a test run!.  I drew the flame pattern on a peice of cardboard then just held it over the test piece of plexi while using a glass bead gun to etch it.  On the side window of the case I used tape around all the edges to get a much crisper edge, but still it wasn't too shabby looking for a hasty test piece.

Here's the side window all set for some hot blasting action.

I taped the whole thing off and then drew in the flames and logo with an exacto blade.  Let me tell you, that damned "hardCOREware" logo took FOREVER to cut out.

Here it is all finished and proudly displayed by my lovely assistant.  Personally I think the etching went great and I'm very happy with the results. 

Here is how it looks inside the side panel.  I just had attached it temporarily for the picture with a little duct tape so it's not perfectly level at this point.  I later removed the red support bar that runs behind the HardCoreWare logo, as it detracted from the clarity of the title.

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