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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [08.04.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: auravision


The glow from the keyboard is pleasant and not overwhelming like looking right at a bright cold cathode. auravision tells me that the glow should last longer than 60,000 hours.

This first picture is with the EL on in a completely dark room with a Nikon 2500 at the standard settings and obviously no flash. The light travels quite well and illuminates the feet of the tripod at the bottom of the picture.

This picture is with the EL on and both my monitors on as well in an otherwise completely light-free room so this is what you'll typically see if you turn your lights off, but your desk might be a little cleaner than mine. The EL lighting is still very bright even when there are other light sources.

Overall, the keyboard looks great.  Very sleek, stylish and ideal partner for clean black aluminum case (or if you have a silver case, get a silver keyboard.).  I do have a few gripes though. 

First on the list are the Cap, Scroll and Number lock indicators. When you have a keyboard this beautiful, why on earth would you mess it up with cheap, green LEDs? These things stand out and not in a good way.

Secondly, while the glow is softer than other types of computer lighting, it is still very bright and acts like a really bright nightlight. With computer case lighting, you can simply throw a switch to turn it off but auravision neglected to attach a switch to turn the lighting on and off and it is rather annoying to try to sleep with this thing on. Of course, the keyboard is rather smart and turns its EL to sleep mode when not in use but it is on for a good, oh, 10 minutes before doing so. A minor problem but it would have been nice to see a button included.

I would have liked to see some programable function keys on a keyboard like this. It's a seriously great looking piece of work and quite comfortable so why would you not include some hotkeys and maybe something for me to control WinAmp with?

Lastly, anything this good looking has to be expensive, and it is. At $99, the eluminX is one of the most expensive keyboards on the market but you'd be pressed to find another keyboard like it. The Bytecc Zippy reviewed earlier is much smaller than the eluminX. You could always try to make your own light-up keyboard and save about $50 but it wouldn't look as good as this one.

When all is said and done, the eluminX is a cool little gadget and is definetly worth a look if you think it matches your system's demeanor. The actual keys and comfortablity are right up there with the best I've tried and it's definetly the best looking. However, the lack of function keys, lighting control and a high price tag land it out of award range.

auravision intends to take their EL keyboards to the next level with many new designs coming out including several camoflague paints and keys that light up in different colors.  Also, look for them to light up some laptop keyboards as well.

  • looks amazing
  • apparently good for your eyes
  • responsive feel and solid quality
  • slim and comfortable

  • expensive at $100
  • ugly green lock LEDs
  • zero programable function hotkeys
  • can't turn the EL off at will

Final Score: 80%