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Mod by: N.V.M [06.08.03]
Posted by: Carl Nelson


The Toughest Part: The Lid

Yeah,I know. The lid? First look at the problem. I cut a large opening into the back of the monitor,and of course this had to be covered.Every side was curved,even "ess" curved along the sides. How the heck can i do this?

So, I researched on the 'net and came upon a site where this guy slumped plexiglass for his light covers on the wings of his small plane.I built a form,placed the plexi on it and into the oven it went.Of course I waited for Mrs. Mike to go shopping first because it got a bit smelly. It took a few tries but finally one came out with potential. I trimmed it and cut it to size. The magic numbers were 275 degrees fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

Holes for cooling were next 4 x 80mm fans. There are also 2 x 80 fans on the case,as well as 2 x 60 fans.The lid ,which is frosted 4mm plexi glass,will be hinged at the top.

Various goodies

Temp Monitor:


Some of the fans:

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