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Mod by: N.V.M [06.08.03]
Posted by: Carl Nelson


The Monitor

Now for the scary part, spending some $$$ on an LCD and then tearing it apart,piece by piece. Definitely new territory for me.What could possibly go wrong?  lol    Anyways here's the monitor,and guess what,its a Samsung too(Syncmaster 570V)

To my surprise,the LCD only consists of two basic parts. The screen itself and a card.Otherwise just some metal housing to hold it all together.Bonus! It was just too easy.

The screen was slightly smaller than the crt's opening,as you can see the metal edge around the LCD.I'll deal with this later.Same with the curves in the crt's housing as you can see in the bottom pic of these two.That gap between the LCD and the housing will have to be dealt with.

This is the control panel for the LCD. Since its so long,there's no way I can put it where the control panel is on the crt,as you can see in the above pic(between the cd-rom and cd writer) So I'll have to do something with the old control panel and something else with the new one.

Heres how I outsmarted those problems.I cut up the housing of the lcd monitor,just so I could use the control buttons. I traced it out and epoxied it into its new location from the back side. On the exposed side, I filled it with fiberglass resin,sanded,used some fine compound filler to smooth it out ,and voila,side mounted control panel

And here's what I did with the old control panel. I had a USB connector which went into an expansion slot into the back of a computer.I cut it up so it was shorter and mortised it in where the old buttons were.I used the same jig with router method.Notice at the ends its only mortised deep enough so the plate is flush with the case, and the middle is cut out to allow the housing and wires through.

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