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Mod by: N.V.M [06.08.03]
Posted by: Carl Nelson


The next step was building supports/brackets for my drives and motherboard.I made these out of aluminum leftovers laying around in the shopThe cd-rom and writer are held in place with frames made out of aluminum "L" which clamp the drives at the back.The mother board "chassis" is made from some square tubing with a plate on the bottom,then screwed to the bottom of the monitor housing.Then I used some 1/8" plate,cut out most of the middle to lighten it,and bolted it to the tubing.I'm using a micro atx motherboard,so I cut out the motherboard panel from a micro atx case,and made it so it attaches to my "chassis" with one bolt with a wing nut, creating a removable motherboard tray. Worked out well.

A quick look with most parts installed.The holes you see down the right side are for fan controllers.The piece of  aluminum you see running across the top(inside) is for supporting the top drives.

Now,because of the the short space between the monitor(page3) and the video card,I needed a shortened cable but I also had to have the connector at a right angle,so I cut and hacked away a vga cable and came up with this. Effective,but not the most beautiful cable I've seen.Oh well,its not too visible anyways(the modded end that is)

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