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Mod by: N.V.M [06.08.03]
Posted by: Carl Nelson


My Computer Mod-The "IMike"

This is the first mod that I feel like its something different,kind of special. Not that I've done a lot of system mods,in fact this would be my first complete system. I've tinkered with case windows,blowholes and painting parts etc. but that went stale...quick. So,what to do? Well, what you will see next is my answer. This thing has been in the making for about 3 months and thankfully they were winter months,or I'm sure Mrs. Mike? wouldn't of been so patient with me spending? so much time on this. My skills as a cabinetmaker were all tested during this project,even though I was dealing with plastic and plexiglass and aluminum. Actually, I use these materials all the time in my trade,and once a builder,always a builder. So,here it is.?? Enjoy.



Here we go!

I started with this monitor(Samsung 17") which i quickly gutted in about an hour.I advertised for a dead monitor on a newsgroup,and got a few responses.I chose one that had a relatively flat face,and one that had room for the drives along the bottom and top.

Next step was to configure my drives,fan controllers etc on the face.Once it was decided where everything was to go,out came the dremel to rough cut all my slots and holes.I had to get all my drives mounted first because once that was done , I could see where i could place the mobo,psu,etc.

I built cut out jigs and placed them over the exact location for my cut out. You can see the pencil lines in the pic above. Here's the jig for the 5 1/4" drives and the finished results after I used a router with a top bearing to trim out nice , clean? openings

Here's a look with my original configuration, but that changed as the project went on.Anyways,with this done, I could see what space was left over for the rest of my parts

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