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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti [06.25.03]
Card Manufacturer: InnoVISION

MSRP: $199
Est. Street Price: $150

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Texture sharpening, as the previous performance graph shows, incurs a significant, though not extreme performance loss.  It's designed solely for sharpening textures in AA modes to overcome any blur effects, though it also incurs a loss in normal mode.  The difference isn't real easy to pick up when looking at things normally and while running and gunning; however, zoom in 2x and you can see an improvement in the sharpness of the textures:

This 6XS mode is one of the blurrier modes, to give us a better chance of seeing a difference.  It would probably be much less noticable in something like 4XS, though Quincunx might show some sharpening as well, since it's also a "blur" mode.


Filtering Modes

You didn't think we were done with the quality stuff, did you? Of course not.  We're going to try 3DMark03 here (we renamed the EXE to 3dmurk.exe, and are in fact using Build 330, and the 44.03 drivers, just in case you're wondering).  My major worry on this test is I DO NOT have any idea what Adaptive filtering might do to my test, since I can't disable it or force it, according to tech support.  Anyway, first let's look at the performance numbers:

I threw in Bilinear and Trilinear just for the heck of it. After all, they ARE filtering modes too.  Anyway, we can see a definite, gradual performance loss as you turn up Aniso filtering. 

Here's a standard, Trilinear screenshot, interspersed with the maximum 8X Aniso setting.  They look very VERY close to identical, but if you concentrate on the fireplace in the upper-right, you'll see a difference when the shot changes.   It's not the most glaring difference unless you're looking for it, but it's a definite increase in sharpness of the textures in that area. I took the entire shot hoping the floor would show some difference as well, but it didn't.

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