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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti [06.25.03]
Card Manufacturer: InnoVISION

MSRP: $199
Est. Street Price: $150

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Pro Rendering - Codecreatures

This is a GPU wringer, pure and simple.  A torture test, if you prefer.  Tons of lighting and texture operations, an incredibly amazing amount of polygons, and some visually stunning scenes. 

And we have another card that can eat this test for breakfast.  The FX 5600 Ultra leaves the TI4200 in the dust.  It's a decent, smooth performer here, which shows what the card is capable of in terms of pure processing strength.  While not the best around, it's definitely up there a ways.  It seems that the more advanced the program engine, the more the FX likes things.

As you can see, the Tornado card produces nearly double the number of polygons per second than the TI4200 is capable of.  Those fillrate numbers from the 3DMark tests really weren't kidding. Nice!

OpenGL - Serious Sam SE Demo

Because of the amount of tweaking that can be done to this engine, it's not going anywhere for a long time.  It supports everything, with the notable exception of shaders.  This includes Aniso filtering, N-Patches (A.K.A. TRUFORM) curved surface technology, wacky lighting, and a whole lot of polygons on one screen.  With this, we used the Extreme Quality add-on, turned off Aniso (it was switched off in the drivers anyway) and ran all three cards through the Sierra De Chiapas demo.

And the results were a bit of a surprise; though the results are close, they're not close enough.  This is a narrow victory for the older TI4200 card.  However, consider that this is an older engine, like AquaMark (actually older even than AquaMark).  The FX's victories all came from much newer engines, meaning there may be slight performance loss with older games.  But rest assured that it does seem to be a slight performance loss, if any.

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