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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti [06.25.03]
Card Manufacturer: InnoVISION

MSRP: $199
Est. Street Price: $150

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For completeness's sake, here are the 3DMark scores from 3DMark03:


DirectX8 - AquaMark

We'll continue to use AquaMark while we wait for the DirectX9 AquaMark3 benchmark program. Unfortunately, it's getting less useful by the minute, as you can see:

At 1024x768, it's pretty much CPU limited on a 2.4 GHz PC. 1280x1024 shows more of a difference: it seems like only the RADEON card is a bit limited, not being far off from it's 1024x768 score.  This is reaching the end of its useful life, like a lot of the benchmarks we've used.  As we said, Aquamark3 is expected, as well as a new benchmark from EgoSoft, but neither has yet arrived.

Anyway, the two NVIDIA cards are nearly tied, only being 4 FPS apart at 1280.   However, because this test IS showing CPU limitation here, I'm not going to place too much faith in the results.  I want to see more.

DirectX8 - Unreal Tournament 2003

We're switching to the full version for our video card benchmarks, which allows us to test at greater detail levels.  Therefore, the results we get from here on probably will NOT track with previous tests.  We run this under DirectX High Quality, using HardOCP's v2 UT2003 Benchmark Utility. 

Since the full version gives us access to a bunch of maps, I see no reason why we shouldn't show the results from all of them:

This is one of the more advanced games on the market.  And the FX5600 Ultra consistently hovers between noticeably faster and "where'd that old TI4200 go?!?" The MINIMUM differential in these tests is 10 FPS, while the maximum is a gap of over 40 FPS.   This is a VERY nice jump in performance.

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