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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti [06.25.03]
Card Manufacturer: InnoVISION

MSRP: $199
Est. Street Price: $150

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DirectX8 - 3DMark2001SE

This is a classic, but DX8 performance is still important, especially since many newer DX9 cards only carry a single texture unit per pipe, which can sometimes restrict multitexturing performance to some degree (how much depends on architecture).

It doesn't appear that having one less texture unit bothers the FX5600 Ultra at all: it hangs right in with the TI4200, and even greatly exceeds it in some areas, such as pixel shading and fillrate. As a matter of fact, its 1.1 pixel shading performance is comparable to a RADEON 9700 Pro (Wow!), though it falls back in v1.4 pixel shading.

DirectX9 - 3DMark03 Build 330

So much controversy is currently surrounding this test, so we won't get too deep.  While the 5600 Ultra's shader performance could improve (a little), fillrate is still good. The color in Game4 looks quite nice.

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