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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.02.03]
Manufactured by: Intel

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We'll put these categories together to keep things simple.  Starting off with MP3 encoding.  We used dBPowerAmp which makes use of the LAME MP3 codec.  Our sample song is a direct CD rip of "Hotel California" by The Eagles, a very acoustic song, if I remember correctly (it was one of the only CD's laying around here).  We used high quality 320kbps VBR encoding.

Our first real time benchmark doesn't show us too much.  The only one that really pulls ahead is the 875P, and that's only by a second.  Interesting to see how much the RDRAM platform lags behind.

For 3D Rendering, we're using KribiBench, which is a CPU-ONLY rendering tool.  A pretty high-poly model was used, in "flat" mode.

The only one that really lags is the single-channel 845PE platform, just as it has been all along.  I'm beginning to appreciate what the RDRAM was capable of, as Intel's high end platform.  But as you can see, that has all changed.  Once again, PAT makes some difference, but not much to get excited about.

Finally, here's CineBench 03, another 3D rendering benchmark tool.  This one has a CPU-ONLY test that we used, and in fact it directly supports multithreading for a nice boost in performance.

It looks like we're CPU limited here, and even when I de-zeroed the graph, there's not much difference to be made.

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