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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.02.03]
Manufactured by: Intel

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Video Tests


Let's find out which platform excels in video games! Starting, as usual, with the latest incarnation of 3DMark.

While 3DMark 03 is most certainly limited by the video card we're using, you can still see some difference in performace.  Not much though, so let's look at the individual CPU tests:

CPU Test 1 is low-poly test that is not limited by the video card, so the platforms have a chance to chine here.  And shine they do, although PAT isn't showing up to this party just yet.

For our Real World Game Test, we're using the UT2K3 demo FlyBy results, which is a compilation of all the levels included in the demo, in FlyBy mode, which is less video card-limited than the Botmatch.

This is the same pattern we've been seeing all along, and PAT is making less and less of a difference.  Still, it's easy to see which platform is best for today's games with the newest CPU.  By comparing the darker red and blue bars to the yellow, you can see that Dual Channel makes a significant difference, even with DDR333 and 533 FSB CPU's.

Okay, not a good idea.  Let's move on to encoding/content creation benchmarks :)

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