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Written by: Ed Lau [05.21.03]
 Edited by: Carl Nelson

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Electronic Arts (cont.)

Also in the exciting new EA lineup is The Sims 2, the sequel to the best selling game of all time.  How the hell do you improve on a game like The Sims?  Well, from what I saw, the main feature is that now Sims AGE...something that didn't happen in the first installment.  I think you start off in your teenage years, dating (upper right), eventually getting married (lower left), having kids, raising kids, sending them off to college, getting old, getting grandkids, retiring (lower right) ...and then you play as your kids probably.  Not much was shown except for the lifecycle...and it was a rendered movie.  It was hilarious though...very Sims-esque when the wife ripped off her shirt and jumped, Sims-censored breasts and all onto the couch, before a Matrix bullet-time effect took us to the next generation.  The expectations will definetly be high for this one.

The usual sports games were also displayed in their 2004 forms, which was to be expected since EA Sports dominates this area.

One interesting game displayed at E3 was Street Racing Syndicate, which gives Vin Diesel wannabes the opportunity to say things like "Smoke 'em" and "I live my life 10 seconds at a time.".  While we've all seen this sort of thing before, this game throws in a little twist.  You bet in the currency of...women.  That's can bet you girlfriend here...and the number of girls you show up to race night with determines the level of races you can participate in...

I'm not sure if it will be available for PC but this seems like a thing for the console ilk.


Condition Zero was here in playable form but because of the line-ups, I didn't bother.  I'm not a Counter-strike player anymore but from what I saw, the graphics are improved but I don't see how gameplay was.  Some dude was walking the streets with a M249 and kickin' ass though.

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