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Written by: Ed Lau [05.21.03]
 Edited by: Carl Nelson

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Voodoo PC (

The highlight of the night for me was meeting with Voodoo PC and their ninja, J. Desmond Brown, who showed me Voodoo's new liquid cooling system and also the first time I saw a nVidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra, which was as long as the name.

Notice that I didn't say a water cooling system, because as Desmond told me very clearly...the system does NOT use water.  In fact, he couldn't tell me very much more as the project was top secret and that night was one of the first that it was being shown off.  The system uses no radiator and generated very little noise.  In fact, the entire system had only one fan which acted as a blowhole exhaust, making it a very silent box. 

Also, while the system pictured has the liquid flowing over the CPU and the video card, Voodoo has plans to extend to the RAM and hard drive but was reluctant to display that at eFocus as they wanted the box to remain as clean as possible for the show.  Voodoo does make some of the best in clean interiors.  I was disappointed, however, as they said that the cooling system may not be available as a standalone product but only in VoodooPCs and possibly in other OEMs.  I'll be sure to keep you posted on this and try to convince them to make it a commerical product.

Voodoo also showed us their beautiful new Centrino powered notebooks and small-formfactor box which featured the same cooling system as it's big brother.

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