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Written by: Ed Lau [05.21.03]
 Edited by: Carl Nelson

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Western Digital (

It seems like everyone is enticed by the neon lights of case modding these days.  Western Digital, an unlikely source for such things to say the least, showed off their Firewire/USB 2.0 drive kit, which housed a 250GB, 7200rpm hard drive along with some flashy red lights.  Also being displayed were the 10,000rpm Raptor drives that they've been marketing lately.  When asked, they said that there were currently no drives larger than the 36GB Raptor in development in terms of 10,000rpm units.

Max Bikini Magazine Launch Party

After leaving Kentia hall as the exhibits were closing down for the night, it was time to visit the Max Bikini Magazine launch party!  I couldn't wait.  I had hoped that it was like the nVidia party the night before as I was STARVING.  I had like a sandwich at lunch and nothing since.  No breakfast either. discover that the party was a total dive.  After waiting in line, something which I wasn't supposed to do since I was on the guest list, we discovered that there was absolutely no food and only tequila was free...and so we left.  Downstairs of the Highland and Hollywood was a California Pizza Kitchen...which made some of the absolute BEST pizza I've ever had in my life.  I had a Peking Duck pizza with some thai shrimp spring rolls to start and tried some Jerk Chicken pizza and various other works...great food at that place.

However, gentlemen, believe me when I tell you, there was some absolutely gorgeous ladies at the MXB Party.

Day Three

I was pretty much on my own for this day as Moto headed off to Six Flags to have the wits (or lack thereof =D) scared out of him.  Because of LA traffic, I missed my appointment to see the Half-Life 2 movie but this is what I know...

Half-Life 2 (

As I didn't get to see it, I can only tell you so much.  You're still in control of Gordon Freeman and a bunch of other characters will make appearances.  The physics engine is supposed to be incredible and the enviroment is fully manipulatible.  Bubba and Michael at Visiontek tell me that they took a letter off a big sign and THREW it at a monster...which was some big spider-like thing.

Again, the graphics look amazing from the screenshots I've been shown but not quite as groundbreaking as Doom III...

Doom III (

Of course, aniticipation for this game is probably the highest, especially after the demos and movies we've seen in the past year.  Once again, Doom III was not playable but the movie looked simply stunning.  The series has never been much on storyline so it should be set in the same time as the first game, making it more of an homage than a sequel.  All your favorite baddies are back, like the "pinkies" and firesnot throwing imps. 

If you've ever seen my list of favorite games, you'd know that System Shock 2 is right up there simply because of it's AMAZING atmosphere in that you're walking around a ship as it's only survivor (well...that isn't now undead...), low on ammo with freaky things chasing you around.  Doom III looks to create the same kind of feeling, intensifying the experience that we all got when we played the first Doom game.  I can't wait for this...

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