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Written by: Ed Lau [05.21.03]
 Edited by: Carl Nelson

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nVidia (

While showing off various rigs from the top production companies like Falcon Northwest, Voodoo and Alienware, nVidia also had some time to tout their new 5900 Ultra, which made a lot of people forget about the trainwreck that was the 5800 Ultra.  A very loud trainwreck.  nForce2 400s were also on display.

They were also showing a rather watered down, less interactive Dusk demo.  Those of us at the nVidia Graphics Inferno saw the good stuff.

Second Life

Hidden away in a corner of the nVidia booth was one of the highlights of the show for me as I found that this was one of the more interesting products shown at E3.  It was too bad that they weren't in a more prominent position as this was definetly one of the better demos I saw.

Second Life is the brainchild of Linden Labs.  Comparisons to the Sims are inevitable but this game is everything that the Sims Online wasn't.  In the short time that I got to see the game in action, I saw an incredibly open ended world where you can do, build and manipulate just about everything.  Basically, you can do just about everything you can in real  Think of it less as a game and more of it as a online community. 

when I say it's completely open ended, I mean it.  The game is totally user modded.  Almost nothing is already there.  You can build your own custom furniture, custom clothing...I mean it!  Anything.  You can sell your stuff and aspiring artists can create and sell to user owned art galleries.  Ever wanted to play your mix tape for the world to hear?  You can be the DJ to your very own nightclub.

You can also play games with other users such as capture the flag and fight other users in combat zones.  You can make weapons as well.  Seriously, Linden Labs provides some hardcore development tools for you.  Maybe you can lead a gang or something or have a huge crime ring and
hire other users to be your henchmen.  Ooooo...I just know I'd be an evil character... Where's my shovel?!

At press time, the world spans 500 acres and is in beta at the moment. 

...and did I mention your avatar can FLY?  To get anywhere in the Second Life world quickly, you'll need to fly.  Maybe cars will be added later?  You can also teleport anywhere in the world but that costs money...just like in real life.

However, one thing I can see that may be a flaw in conception is that the entire game is streamed from the online servers.  Only a small (8MB) executable file is on your machine.  This may make system requirements pretty steep and those on 56k may be out of luck...but hey, who are you
kidding?  If you're still on 56k, chances of you playing just about any online game are slim.

I will definetly be looking into this game more in the near future and I'll keep you guys posted.

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