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By: Bryan Pizzuti [05.20.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Hosted by: Chaintech

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Pics from Bourbon St. will be posted here


I know some of you might be asking where the REAL photos are, right?  Hey, this is a family website; do you really think I would post such naughty things in an ARTICLE?  However, by the time this article is posted, you might want to go check our Babe Forum for a thread. ;)
In the meantime we were upstairs screaming and shouting, and having such a time, thanks to Chaintech.  The next day, we all prepared to leave; but first, we had to do a little "collaborating."

What do a bunch of tech geeks, plus three laptops, plus crossover cables, equal?  Lots of shared stuff. Then we all said good-bye to New Orleans one by one (actually half of us stayed an extra day, including yours truly) and hoped to see each other again like this soon.  All in all a great time talking tech with some of the leading companies out there, though we were ALL disappointed that we weren't bring home at least SOME hardware with us to test.  Still, Kathy Liu promised us we'd get some, and we're hoping Chaintech can come through.  They’re looking to move up to Tier 1, and their hoping their latest products will take them there.  But we want to test them for ourselves. Look for reviews soon, right here!