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By: Bryan Pizzuti [05.20.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Hosted by: Chaintech

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Last up was InterVideo, which is well known for its WinDVD package.  The thing is, that's ALL that most of you know it for.  That's a mistake, since they have a whole line of video encoder/decoder based products, as well as MP3 players, rippers, TIVO-type software, and so forth.  It was surprising for most of us that InterVideo had such an interesting presentation for us, because they are introducing a new piece of software that combines TV viewing, DVD playing, video recording, music, and photos, and they're packaging it with a remote, shown below:

The software is currently in beta form, but should be ready soon. If you can make out my picture of the screen, it looks very polished, and didn't have a single problem during the demonstration.  The video recording is very slick, since the rendering is done only directly before the record stage, which makes for fast record times. Also, when recording from a video source, they promise straight-through recording, with theoretically no loss.  Of course, we're going to test this if we can.  It's not often that we ask to test software, but this is a nice sounding package, and InterVideo is taking direct aim at Microsoft's new Windows XP Media Center Edition.  If you're looking to build your own personal "media" box, rather than buying a pre-made one, InterVideo's software looks like a good bet.  After all, only OEMs can buy Microsoft's package. InterVideo will sell to consumers as well, and they promise a more flexible package.  Hopefully they can deliver.

Here's a close-up shot of the main function-select screen, as well as a shot of the remote that they're planning to include.

Of course, when we test it, the tricky part will be to test against Windows XP Media Center, since we can't exactly go buy it in a store.

Saturday, 5 PM

Well, the techie stuff was over, and now comes the party. After all, this IS New Orleans, right?  I know it's not hardware related, but we had such a blast, that we HAD to talk about it.  After all, everyone was there, from to NeoSeeker, to Overclocker's Cafe.  First we headed to Preservation hall for a special jazz concert, with music by these guys:

And let me tell you, they can COOK!  After that we headed to Bourbon Street (told you I'd get there!) and the guys in charge handed out beads know.  It IS New Orleans, after all.  Now, we can't show you some of the "best" pictures in this article, but here's a little taste if you'd like to look at the next page.

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