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By: Bryan Pizzuti [05.20.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Hosted by: Chaintech

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Chaintech's new strategy is to create a brand-name for each area, and to provide products for both the enthusiast as well as the value/OEM market.  Their enthusiast brands are Zenith (Ultra high-end) and Apogee (high-end).  You might be thinking that Apogee might REALLY be a mainstream idea, but look below at what you get with an Apogee-class motherboard.

This is their nForce2 Apogee setup.  You get rounded cables, a CBox2 front panel unit, and headphones. Also, all of the connectors are plated in real 24k gold.  Really.  They said if we don't like the boards we can melt them down and sell the gold.  You can try if you like, but I'm not going to. ;) Sounds nice, and high-end, right?  That's why the Zenith boards are ultra-high-end, as you can see:

The CBox2 is upgraded to CBox3 here, and comes with a remote. You also get a screwdriver, and the CBox3 has replaceable faceplates in aluminum-silver, beige/ivory, and black, so you can match it to your case. Seen below are pictures of both the CBox2 and CBox3.

The Port80 POST code display is always handy to have access to without cracking open the PC, and front ports are always welcome.  The card reader in CBox3 is actually a USB device from what I can tell, and the remote is designed to work with the consumer-class IR port in CBox3.

Also, an expansion card is provided with extra Firewire, SPIDF, and speaker jacks.  This is their i875 "Canterwood" based Zenith board.  As you can see, everything in a Zenith or Apogee box is also color-coordinated, from the plastic on the motherboards, to the cabling.  Hopefully we'll see one of these in our testing lab soon.

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