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By: Bryan Pizzuti [05.20.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Hosted by: Chaintech

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Saturday: 12 Noon

Here they introduced several of Chaintech's corporate officers, including Cathy Liu, the head of their USA office, as well as Chaintech's CEO and Chairman, Simon Ho (Nice guy, IMHO).

They told us about their history, and the history of PCs, which I won't repeat, since we probably already know it.  But their manufacturing facilities were pretty interesting.  It was an impressive description of the technology they use, and very high tech.  Hopefully one day we can see the place for ourselves.

They went on to describe some of their product lines, both prototype and production.  One particular prototype I want to mention is their IMO-Desk PC, which should revolutionize desktop replacement notebooks.  As I said, it's still in prototype stage, but it's designed to use mostly desktop components, and should have the capability of upgrading the video through add on GPU modules (Anyone for an FX5900 powered portable PC?).  Most of the internal details haven't been completely settled on yet, but we'll be sure to keep an eye on this idea.

The also displayed some of their TV tuner devices, as well as a couple of new TV Tuner cards for the US market.  The one pictured below should be particularly popular in the North American market:

This is a dual-mode tuner, supporting both analog TV signals (ordinary TV and cable) as well as digital signals (digital cable, and all satellite service).  I'll have to see how one of these works with my Cablevision IO digital service.

Then they went into one of our favorite subjects: their motherboards.

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