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By: Bryan Pizzuti [05.20.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Hosted by: Chaintech

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A lot of manufacturers show up at shows like PC Expo, Comdex, or E3.  Our own Ed Lau went to E3 and loved it, and I attended PC Expo last year and had some fun.  Computex, of course, is on life support due to the SARS situation currently happening.  Chaintech decided to have their own "mini-expo" and invited us, along with a bunch of other writers from all over North America (and one guy from Brazil, too!).  The event was held at the Doubletree Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Attempted bribery?  Heh, maybe, but we all appreciated it, and also appreciated the fact that Chaintech was taking a chance that we would like what we saw (No, you perverts; I'll get to Bourbon Street LATER!).  So let's have a look at what Chaintech had to say.

I'll skip the Friday night reception, since nothing really happened there except some drinking and jet-lag decompression.

Saturday: 11 AM

This was our introductory brunch, where we once again met up with all of our counterparts from other sites that we knew only by their e-mail addresses.  It was a fun time, and it's always nice when someone knows who you are before they meet you, now isn't it?  As you can see, there were quite a few of us there.

Chaintech also had a nice big stack of motherboards lined up along the back wall, that some of us were drooling over.  One of the guys there was kind enough to take a picture of me as I drooled, as a matter of fact.  Of course, I wiped the stuff off of my face first.

Down at the end was a stack of boxes of their older products, just to show what kind of marketing direction they're going in.  I can absolutely say it's an improvement, presentation-wise. 

Stuck in the corner of that big stack, down by the older products, was a stack of Chaintech's latest motherboards.  Their Canterwood was sitting right there, as well as one board that I was tempted to slip into my luggage, instead of the hotel towels. ;)


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