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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.17.03]
Manufactured by: Cooler Master
Est. Street Price: $150

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Last week we reviewed the ATC-111c from Cooler Master.  To be honest with you, we originally had no intentions on reviewing that case originally.  Due to a shipping mishap at ATC's China location, we ended up receiving the 111c instead of the 210 we're about to review here.  "No problem!" I said to Cooler Master, "We'll review both for you!".  The cases are based on the exact same platform, so much of this review will be the same as the 111c review.  However there are some things that separate the 210 from the 111c; some good and some not so good.

The main difference between the 210 and the 111c is the door on the front.  Virtually all of Cooler Master's cases use doors to stealth the drives, which makes for a nice finish on aluminum cases.  The original had a nice looking aluminum door.  This time Cooler Master gets a bit more flashy with a beautiful translucent door that covers the entire front of the case.  This comes in several colours (ours is 'Azure' AKA blue; it also comes in pink, green, and my first choice, black).

On The Surface

Like the 111c, the 210 only uses blue LED's.  Since the door is translucent, they can get away with covering the entire front of the case.  However to turn on your PC, you'll need to open the door first; not that that will result in any difficulty.  Also like the 111c, the buttons are nicely engineered, giving a tactile, solid click when being pressed.

The first big difference you'll notice are the two front USB ports.  This was a major gripe we had with the 111c; no case should be without USB ports anymore! Luckily Cooler Master went with this on the 210, and handled it well with the cutout on the door.

While we're looking at the bottom of the case, let's talk about the major problem I have with the 210... You are probably already grinding your teeth looking at the picture above; Where are the fan ports???

That's right, there are indeed a pair of 80mm intake fans, but nowhere for the air to flow! We'll find out how much of a difference this makes in performance testing later on.

Opening the front door exposes 4 5.25" drive bays, and a pair of 3.5" bays (there are 4 more 3.5" bays inside).  The bay covers are all aluminum, and held in by screws, so you don't have to worry about them getting pushed inside the case while moving things around.  It looks like ATC wanted to save costs by only including three drive covers; not that you'll miss the fourth once you install a drive.

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