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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [05.14.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: Epox
Est. Street Price $116

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The Overclocking

Everything that you've heard about the Epox 8RDA+ being a top overclocker is true.  This board doesn't sing it, it brings it! With the help of TSGK and his custom built water cooling system (see pic below for a sneak preview of the most BAD ASS custom rig you'll ever see) we were able to reach a rock stable overclock of 11.5 x 225 for a total clock speed of 2588mhz on a Tbred 2100+ core running at 2.025 volts. 

Slap in some ultra fast OCZ PC3500 RAM running in sync with the processor and you have yourself one powerful system.  How powerful you ask?  Well let's take a quick look at some before and after benches!

XP2100+ at 1.73Ghz at 1.6volts mem at 4,3,3,2
- Ram at 200mhz
- FSB at 133Mhz

XP2100+ at 2.58Ghz at 2.025volts, mem at 4,3,3,2
- Ram and FSB synced at 225mzh

Now how is that for impressive?  We're looking at an average performance increase of around 50%.  And just to put things into perspective, the PCMark2002 CPU score of 7951 happens to be higher than that posted in our forums by a certain someone who's running one of the new 3.0Ghz 800Mhz FSB P4 chips. 

Though it would seem that the newest revision of the NForce2 chipset performs slightly slower at stock settings, it is able to reach FSB levels that the original couldn't even come close to.  Both the Asus and Soltek boards topped out at around 180mhz with the same setup.  If you're looking to get the most out of a late model Tbred B core, then I would very highly recommend this motherboard.

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