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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.12.03]
Manufactured by: Cooler Master 
Est. Street Price: $190

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Going a Bit Deeper...

Rather than using a clip, Cooler Master chose to use magnets to hold the door closed.  This makes for a few minor problems.  First of all, the door does not stay closed very well, and during installation it swung open on me many times.  Secondly, and more importantly, I found that the door vibrates heavily while the CDROM was spinning at full speed.  This means you may have to keep the door open while accessing CD's or DVD's. 

You also have to take care when closing the door; you can't just slam it shut or it will just bounce back on you.  This is just a minor annoyance more than anything of course.

Once nice addition was the use of foam feet, not unlike those on high end stereo components.  This gives the case a slick, high-end feel, and prevents the scuffing of hard floors.

On the top you'll find another 80mm exhaust fan (blowing out by default).  Again, it is covered by a nice looking grille, although I tend to think it would block airflow quite a bit.  The top fan is by far the noisiest of all; you can significantly lower the noise caused by this case by simply not using the top exhaust fans.  The remaining fans are quite quiet in comparison; they do not vibrate so much since they are installed on a more solid base, rather than in the middle of the case.


Flipping the case around, you can see that the side panels are completely tool-less, using thumbscrews instead.  The Power Supply still uses screws, because thumbscrews would get in the way of the side panels (actually the regular screws almost do, which you can see if you look closely).

On the back you'll find the final case fan, another 80mm silent fan, blowing out by default (I had to turn mine around to go with air flow in the case; be sure you check to make sure your fans are blowing the right way! Ask in the forum if you'd like to know how).

Everything fits together very tightly; this case was engineered and manufactured very well.  After several installations and uninstallations, everything still fits perfectly.  The handles on the back of the side panels which you can see above come in VERY handy.

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