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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti [04.29.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Card Manufacturer: InnoVISION
GPU Manufacturer: NVIDIA
MSRP: $80-$100

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DirectX8 - Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo

Since this isn't a heavy-duty card, we wanted to get a feel for how it performs in performance and quality detail modes too.

With UT2003, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference, though there's more of a difference using the Low Quality test, probably due to the low memory bandwidth.  The Performance and Quality settings appear to override some of the settings in UnrealTournament2003 that slow things down, since even in the Low Quality test, leaving things on Application is the slowest option of all.

We didn't continue to test this in UT2003, because when we set this card to Application mode, there was an interesting problem with any of the outdoor scenes in Antelus and Citadel, in either Low or High quality tests:

This is not a good thing.  It only shows up in Application mode though, and not when using Performance or Quality modes, so there's a workaround. But NVIDIA's drivers might need some more work yet. This is why we used the Asbestos map to show the quality setting differences. Here are the complete figures on our tests:

The problem only showed up on the FX5200, and not on the TI4200, which MAY account for the low scores.  The Asbestos map, which showed no problems, is nearly competitive in the low quality test, off by less than 15 FPS.  It completely gives up when cranked into high quality though, so either the memory bandwidth is affecting it, or the core isn't terribly efficient. Or both. Still, this is a pretty workable card in low-to medium quality situations, it appears.  Start sneaking into higher quality modes and it seems to give out before the TI4200.

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